Winter is coming


Winder is coming…
Autumn (just before winter) is the season where rodents and pests start to become more active and are more likely to come into contact with humans.

Why you might ask?!
Well… for the simple reason that rodents and pests know that during winter times food sources become much more scares and the harsh cold temperature elements cause rodents and pests to use more energy when looking for food.

Therefore rodents such as rats and mice start looking and storing food for the winter so that they can wither out some parts of winter.

Their closest food sources are where humans are as we humans also store food in our homes.
Rodents and pests tend to take more chances and risk interaction with humans for food security reasons.

It is important that we know and understand that rodents and pests often carry harmful germs and viruses into our homes and can transmit these germs and viruses even without coming into contact with humans. All they need to do to contaminate a surface with germs and viruses is pass by the surface (countertops, floors, tables, food packaging etc….)

We suggest starting protecting your home before the invasion starts, to take precautions to protect your home before it’s too late.

Start taking preventative actions by setting up protections in and around your house before an infestation becomes a problem. Using Apesto’s wide range of pest repellers could help you with pest before they become a problem in your house

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