Story of Apesto

Welcome to Apesto, where innovation meets excellence in pest management. Our name is a reflection of our commitment to providing A-class quality and service in pest control. “A” represents our dedication to delivering top-notch solutions, “Pest” signifies our focus on addressing your pest problems through non-lethal and non-toxic methods, and “O” symbolizes the overall coverage we offer for your home and family members.

Roots and Vision

Founded with a passion for redefining pest control, Apesto was established to bring about a positive change in how we protect our homes, vehicles, and loved ones from pests. Our vision is to be at the forefront of innovation in pest management, setting new standards for effectiveness, safety, and convenience.


At Apesto, our mission is clear – to provide cutting-edge pest control solutions that go beyond conventional methods. We aim to create a pest-free environment for our customers, ensuring the well-being of their homes and vehicles. Our commitment extends to utilizing advanced technologies and sustainable practices to address pest issues without compromising on safety or the environment.


Apesto employs a multifaceted approach to pest control, specializing in a diverse range of products designed to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our product lineup includes indoor and outdoor pest repellers, UVC sanitizing devices, and dehumidifier sticks. What sets us apart is our continuous drive to innovate and enhance technologies that effectively repel pests.

Innovation in Action

Apesto takes pride in being a pioneer in the field, introducing technologies that redefine pest control. From oscillating ultrasonic sound wave speakers to Bluetooth connectivity and in-app control from your smartphone, we integrate the latest advancements into our products. Notably, Apesto is among the first companies to introduce ultrasonic pest repeller technology for vehicle protection. By connecting our repellers directly to your car battery, we safeguard your vehicle from pests that can damage electrical systems during periods of inactivity.

Comprehensive Solutions

As one of the most comprehensive companies in the market, Apesto offers one of the widest ranges of ultrasonic pest repellers today. From designing and manufacturing to direct sales to consumers, we maintain control over the entire process to ensure quality and cost-effectiveness. By eliminating intermediaries, we pass on the savings to our valued customers.

Come experience a new era of innovation, quality, and reliability in safeguarding your living spaces. Trust Apesto – where excellence meets evolution in pest management.

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