DigiMax Outdoor Smart Animal Repeller


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Inspect, Protect, Prevent
● App Compatible
● Infrared Detection
● Moisture Resistant
● 6 Powerful LED Light
● 8 Level Frequency Adjustment
● Solar + Battery/Adapter operated (not included)
● High Quality – Made In Taiwan


smart animal repellent extented poles

smart animal repellent effective range

smart animal repellent bluetooth app controlsmart animal repellent Made in taiwan


DigiMax Smart Animal Repellent

Extended Poles

  • Extended poles enable a maximum height of 30 inches
  • Proximity to larger animals enhances repellent effectiveness

Effective Range

  • Wide range of 49ft

Bluetooth App

  • Easily Monitor and Control Your Device

Made In Taiwan

  • Proudly Made In Taiwan: Innovation, Unleashed, Excellence Embodied

Are you tired of dealing with:

Are you tired of dealing with unwated visitors

But do not want to do harm to animalspoison your environment, or see any animal dead bodies?

Say goodbye to

  • Electric fences

  • Guns

  • Traps

  • Rodenticide

Animal-Friendly Solution

Animal Friendly Solution Ultrasonic Frequency

DigiMax Smart Animal Repellent provide you the animal-friendly solution to get rid of animal problems

  • When an intruder animal or pest moves within 50 feet (15m) of the device, the motion sensor gets activated and emits an irritating frequency that is unbearable to animals. This forces them to leave your property without you having to do anything!
  • This smart repellent system specifically targets animals and repels them using 8 unique frequencies.
  • If you wish to use multiple frequencies from the chart above, simply choose Frequency #1 – as it’s a “catch-all” designed to alternate between frequencies 2 to 8.
  • Disclaimer: Although our in-house development team has extensively tested the effectiveness of different ultrasonic ranges, we want to emphasize that our repellent, which prioritizes non-invasiveness and humane deterrence, cannot ensure offer an absolute certainty in keeping all animals off.
  • Mode 1~6 is Audible to Human Ears.

Best Place In…

Smart Animal Repellent best placed in pasture campground farmland garden orchard

  • The device uses a motion sensor at a 150-degree angle in front of it, the picture above is an example of how we suggest placing the devices for maximum effectiveness.
  • In a 98.43ft by 98.43ft (30m) yard, 4 units are ideal for maximum protection. You can also use 2 units, but place them towards end of the yard.
  • In the example of 15m by 15m yard, you can also place 3 devices in the middle of the garden to protect the entire area around it.
  • You want the devices directly pointed toward the area where animals are coming from.
  • It is recommended to place the product in a larger area and not too close to your house or neighbors.

Product Detailswhat's included in smart animal repellent


✅ Bluetooth and App Compatible:

Adjust the device’s settings on the smartphone

✅ Ultrasonic Wave:

8 adjustable frequency ranges to repel birds and animals according to the needs

✅ Powerful LED Light:

6 flashing LED lights to scare away the birds and animals

✅ Solar Power Supply:

Eco-friendly, reduce dependence on city utility

✅ Infrared Detection:

The ultrasonic wave and flashing LED light will be triggered when detecting birds or animals

✅ Effective Against:

Birds, moles, snakes, field mice, etc

✅ Moisture Resistant:

Extends the product life

✅ Made In Taiwan:

High quality products manufactured in Taiwan


1 x Solar Animal Gone Repeller
1 x Instruction Manual ➡️ CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
Model Number: UP-16F
Frequency Range: 2KHz – 32KHz
Effective Range:  Within 2250ft² (225m²)
Power Supply: Solar Power
AC Adapter (Not Included)
AAA NiMH Rechargeable Battery (Not Included)
Dimension: 180 x 140 x 120 mm
7.1 x 5.5 x 4.7 inch
Weight: 470g / 1.04lb

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