DigiMax Ultrasonic & Mats 2 IN 1 Portable Mosquito Repeller


Inspect, Protect, Prevent
● Sonic Wave + Mosquito Mats
● Battery + Micro USB operated (optional)
● Portable for outdoors and indoors
   * Mosquito mats not included

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✅ Sonic Wave:
Emit sonic waves to repel mosquitos and prevent Dengue Fever.

✅ On/Off Switch:
Come with an ON/OFF switch.

✅ Effective Against:
Mosquitoes, Flies, Beetles, Moths, Butterflies, Dragon Flies, Flying Ants, Lady Bugs, etc.

1 x 2 IN 1 Mosquito Repeller
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x Instruction Manual
Model Number: UP-121E
Frequency Range: 12KHz – 32KHz
Effective Range:  Within 150ft² (15m²)
Power Supply: 2 x AAA Battery
Micro USB Cable
Dimension: 88 x 152 x 36.5 mm
3.5 x 6 x 1.4 inch
Weight: 170g / 0.4lb
Weight 170 g
Dimensions 88 × 152 × 36.5 mm


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