Rodents! A Big Challange

Are you prepared enough for a rodent’s attack?

Mice Affected region, April 2021. Source

Mice/ Rodent plague, a battle-like situation for Australia. This began in rural communities in Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland and is been moving up the grain belt and spreading across Queensland.

The local farmers quote this no longer just an agricultural crisis, has tipped over to a public health crisis. Many farms had faced the complete loss of yield crops just because of mice. The loss is not limited to farm/ crops, but to home electronic appliances & destroying furniture & wooden floors, and pose health issues (Many people bitten, hygiene).

Considering the severity of the situation, local governments gave emergency approvals to use chemicals such as bromadiolone to handle the situation. But the Scientists and ecologists are worried about the widespread use of such chemicals which could also kill pets, livestock, and native wildlife.

Why Chemicals aren’t the ideal/ best solution?

One of the biggest challenges is that it didn’t break down after the mouse was killed and could cause problems with anything that consumed the dead rodents or the bait itself disturbing the natural ecosystem.

Dead mice in rural residents, battle the resurgent mice plague. (Source: Matilda Quora)

Every morning the first thing you do is pull some 400-500 dead rodents from your filters, pools, these things are a kind of big toll on you and your health.

What’s the best way to it?

Contact a professional pest controller or can reach out to Digimax Products to control rodent activity around your home. Digimax pest repellers use ultrasonic frequencies to guard your properties and farms against unwanted guests. The ultrasonic frequencies from our pest repeller create an unbearable situation for these unwelcomed guests and chase them off your property. Our latest technology repeller extends your control with various modes, frequencies, and timer settings for all kinds of animals. Places & arrangements them in various patterns to safeguard your fields, and home. Digital 8 Speaker Bluetooth Pest Repeller, 5 Speaker Pest Repeller, and Solar Mole repeller are the most rewarded products.

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Key Features:
– Add a device picture to identify each device.
– Battery level indicator
– Passcode setting
– Frequency setting: 8 adjustable frequencies for repelling different animals
– Timer setting: 7 days weekly / 24 hours
– Mode setting : Day / 24 hours / Night
– Detection times
– PIR detection mode

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