Rodent season is upon us


Rodent season is upon us

Nothing makes homeowners cringe like the possibility of dealing with a rodent infestation.
Here is some background on just what rodent season is and what you can do to minimize damage and prevent it from happening to you.

– Rodent season refers to a period when mice and rats start to search for places to spend the winter. The season signals the beginning of cooler weather.
As weather cools, mice look for the most appealing and warmest spots to weather the winter months. Unfortunately, that usually means moving in uninvited to our homes.
Many mice and rats carry diseases. Not only do they carry harmful diseases but they can cause major damage to homes. Wires are often chewed, excrement is left along their main pathway, holes are made in walls and oily marks are left on surfaces where they travel frequently.

~ Precautions to take for rodent season ~

1) Be on the lookout – Look for droppings, gnaw marks, paw prints and chewed wires or small homes and crevices in walls. Also, listen for scurrying noises in the walls or ceiling. These are all common signs that rodents have moved in.

2) Get rid of clutter – Rodents love clutter since it provides a great space to hide from predators and lots of materials for a nest. Finding evidence of rodents is also easier if you don’t have to dig through piles of belongings.

3) Upgrade your food storage – Store your food in airtight containers. This will help make it much harder for mice to access it or recognize it as a possible food source.

4) Seal cracks and crevices – If you find a crack, hole or crevice that is about a quarter of an inch wide, seal it and have it fixed. Mice can fit through alarmingly small spaces.

5) Use our ultrasonic repellers – Even if you’ve never noticed signs of rodents in your home, using a ultrasonic repellent is a great way to keep them from even thinking about coming in. Apesto offers multiple ultrasonic repellents so you can find the best solution for your needs.

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