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Digimax High Powered Solar Animal Gone

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✅HUMAN SAFE This product does not include any chemical substances. The product repels animals and insects through use of physics principles. It drives animals and pests away humanely which is not only safe for humans but also deters animals without harming them.

✅ADVANCE TECHNOLOGIES This product use Ultrasonic and Flashing LED lights to get rid of the wide variety of animals such as bullfrog, tree frog, chicken, fish, mosquito, fly, bird, mountain pig, parakeet, canary, elephant, deer, sheep, horses, cow, owl, monkey, rat, dog, cat , insect, chinchilla, rabbit, hedgehog, raccoon, ferret, bat and much more.

✅FEATURES This product equip with solar panel which is cost effective and eco-friendly. It uses solar power so batteries are not required. The solar panel on top of the device that recharges the batteries(6 AAA rechargeable batteries are not included). After charged by the sun, the repeller will annoy animals and pests whenever it senses them in the area.

✅SIMPLE TO SET UP Simply insert the repeller into the ground and select your desired mode. Perfect for outdoor use such as farms, gardens, yards, driveways, patios, porches and ponds.

✅WARRANTY One year manufacturer’s warranty.

Weight 470 g
Dimensions 180 × 120 × 140 mm


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