How do pest repellers work?

How do pest repellers work?

Pest repellers are devices that emit sounds or vibrations in an effort to deter pests, such as mice, rats, and insects, from entering or staying in a particular area.
There are several different types of pest repellers that use different methods to achieve this.
Ultrasonic pest repellers use high-frequency sound waves that are beyond the range of human hearing to deter pests. These devices are designed to emit a constant stream of ultrasonic sound waves that are supposed to be uncomfortable or even painful to pests, causing them to leave the area. Ultrasonic pest repellers are typically safe for humans and pets, as the sound waves are beyond the range of human hearing.
Electromagnetic pest repellers work by emitting electromagnetic waves that are supposed to disrupt the nervous system of pests, causing them to feel uncomfortable or even sick. These devices are plugged into electrical outlets and are designed to cover a specific area.
Apesto pest repellers include other physical means to deter pests. For example, some of our pest repellers use a special light wave to create an unpleasant environment for pests.
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