Apesto Air purifier UV-C Sanitizer


Many air purifiers on the market use filters to purify particles in the air by trapping them in filters that need to be replaced on a regular base which could be costly over long periods of time.

Often trapping the virus and germs in the filters doesn’t actually kill them, more of just collecting them all in one area which could cause them to multiply faster.
When replacing the filters, the virus and germs often just release back into the air again since they have multiplied so many times over already.

Apesto’s Air purifier UV-C Sanitizer uses UV-C lighting (same UV wavelength as the sun) to kill off viruses and germs that it comes into contact with.
The UV-C wavelength breaks down viruses and germs’ DNA and disrupts their reproductive system which makes it much harder for them to multiply and spread.
Having at least 1 ~ 2 Apesto’s Air Purifier UV-C Sanitizer (Depending on the size of the room) could reduce the number of viruses and germs in the room.

Link: https://www.digisineproducts.com/…/air-purifier-uvc…/
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