Air quality in your car


How bad is the air quality in your car?
Studies have found that the quality in your car cabin can be 5 times worse than the air in your home or office. In-car air pollution can lead to a number of health problems. If you experience headaches, nausea, or sore throat every time you use your car, it is a symptom of in-car air pollution.
It is not just us that spend a lot of time traveling in our vehicles but so does our family members and we all carry viruses and germs from outside into our cars.
Apesto Digimax Car Air Purifier UVC Sanitizer is the perfect solution to keep bacteria and viruses away from inside your car.
– Compact and fits in a cup holder (portable)
– Rechargeable
– Uses Active Carbon Filters
– Built-in fan for additional air circulation
– High neg-ion concentration
– Helps reduce allergies
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