NewRam UV Vaccine (Air Cleaner) Purifier with UV Sanitizer
NewRam UV Vaccine (Air Cleaner) Purifier with UV Sanitizer 3111-05-2 3111-04 3111-06 3111-02-2 3111_3 3111_5 3111_4

NewRam UV Vaccine (Air Cleaner) Purifier with UV Sanitizer

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----- Overview -----

24/7 your fresh air guardian
Simply Plug and Play The UV-C Sanitizer requires no replacements of any consumable products. Once the device is set up, you can simply leave it and it will work in the background.

----- How it works -----

The unit uses UV-C light to damage and kill germs. When the DNA of the germs are damaged to a certain state, it interferes with their reproduction system and they are unable to multiple as rapidly. Here is Diffusion Theory below.

----- Coverage -----

 The UV-C Sanitizer is a small and compact device that makes it easy to put almost everywhere in your home. You can use the UV-C Sanitizer not only at home but in places such as restaurants, warehouses, storerooms etc...
UV-C DEODORIZER: Reduces odors from pets, dust, cooking and laundry. Using UV-C Deodorizer provides your home cleaner and fresher air.

----- Installation Setup -----

Step 1: Remove unit from the box
Step 2: Plug unit into the wall outlet

----- Specifications -----


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