UV-C (Dual) Edition Pluggable Air Cleaning System
UV-C (Dual) Edition Pluggable Air Cleaning System 3E6-01 3E6-04 3E6-05 3E6-07

UV-C (Dual) Edition Pluggable Air Cleaning System

UV Sanitizer and Odor Reducer

 ----- Overview -----


Keeping it on at all time may bring you fresh air 24/7. This air cleaner mimics the sun rays efficiency which helps you to remove odors, viruses, germs in your home. And please be remind of switching on the switch on the left side to activate built-in fan for better airflow around your room.  

----- Air Cleaner Diagram -----

Description-01UV-C light technology
Description-02 Fan's ON/OFF Switch
Description-03 Buit-in Fan
Description-04 LED night light

----- Coverage -----

Please note this unit operating in per room base and will not work through the wall to clean the air of the room next to it. coverage

----- Used Places -----Used-Places

Plugging your Apesto air cleaner on anywhere you want to! Fresh air is no longer a fantasy!

----- Installation Setup -----

Simply plug the unit in an outlet of the room you would like to operate in. It will turn on automatically. However, if it does not turn on immediately, please give the unit  minutes, the UV-C bulb may take a few minute to heat up. Note: Looking at UV-C light directly might damage your eyes.

----- Specifications -----

Model: Apesto UV-C (Dual) EditionPower Consumption: 1.7W Coverage: 430 square ft Voltage: 110V / 60Hz

Dimensions: 6 x 1.77 x 2.56 inchs Weight: 0.3 lb3E6-06


----- Package Includes -----

1 x Apest UV-C (Dual) Edition1 x Instruction Manual

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