Solar Power Ultrasonic Animal & Pest Repeller with Flashing LED lights
Solar Power Ultrasonic Animal & Pest Repeller with Flashing LED lights 168a-02-2 168a-05 168a-11 168a-06 168a-04 168a-03-2

Solar Power Ultrasonic Animal & Pest Repeller with Flashing LED lights

Outdoor/Indoor Electronic Deer, Pest, Rodent & Animal Ultrasonic Repeller - Motion Activated with [ Rechargeable Solar Powered Feature ]


 ----- Overview -----


Apesto’s Powerful Outdoor/Indoor Electronic Repeller that a Solar powered ultrasonic animal and bird repeller that can effectively get rid of pests in its proximity by using a range of different repelling technology.


4 Different types of technology

  • Weather resistant ultrasonic transducer speaker: To deliver powerful sound shockwaves in the direction of the pests to activate their fight or flight response.

  • LED Strobe Light: Its powerful 6 x LED is triggered when activated. The LED lights does not only turn on but strobes (flashes) vigorously to temporarily blind the animal from its direction, which will frighten and startle the animal during the night.

  • Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR Sensor): The PIR sensor is 2 times as large as most sensors when makes them 2 x as sensitive and have a wider range of foresight to cover a larger area.

  • Solar Rechargeable: The solar panel is 2 times larger compared to other units alike, this equals to 2 times the rechargeable capability with twice the charge.

The Apesto Outdoor Edition will not physically harm pests, animals and birds, the unit is designed to scare the animals away by making them feel uncomfortable. This is your best choice when it comes to safely, humanely, chemical free and most cost effective method of keeping pests, animals and birds from destroying your beautiful garden.


----- Description -----


Weatherproof Ultrasonic Transducer Speaker:

The weatherproof ultrasonic transducer speaker allows the unit to still be able to activate even during rain.

The Apesto Outdoor Edition has a rotating control setting to control its frequency modes which will help you get rid of the pest that you need to get rid of.

Different frequency ranges repel different pests, animals and birds. BY simply turning the dial clockwise you will cover more frequency range alternatively repelling a wider range of pest, animals and birds.

The transducer is connected to an on-board computer which controls the transducer speaker. With this control, we incorporate a function called AUTO SWEEPING into the unit system. This means that the sound that it produces is not consistent and the pests, animals and birds would not grow accustom to the sound.

LED Strobe Light:

The LED Strobe Light is a powerfully bright light that consists of 6 individual LED lights that is capable scaring wild animals by tampering with their retinas (eyes). The lights do not only light up but also strobe (flash) vigorously, this temporarily “blinds” the pest, animal bird from that part of vision. This in-turn triggers a Fight OR Flight instinct which would cause the pest, animal and bird to flee the area as they can not see if there is danger approaching. Together with the Ultrasonic Sound Wave blasts this will intimidate the animal to run in the opposite direction so fast.



Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR Sensor):

The passive infrared sensor (PIR Sensor) uses advance electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light that radiates from pest, animals and birds body temperature in its field of view. This radiation is usually not visible to the humane eye because it radiates infrared wavelengths, but it can be detected by our Apesto Outdoor Edition. This is why we have incorporated a PIR sensor that is 2 times larger than its closest rival. With the extended PIR sensor the Apesto Outdoor Edition is able to detect 2 times as fast, 2 times as accurate with a larger and wider field of vision coverage.

Solar Rechargeable:

The Apesto Outdoor Edition, has a larger solar panel that is able to generate a greater amount of electricity in order to keep the unit operational for a longer duration of time without maintenance.

----- Coverage -----


The PIR sensor is able to detect motion of around 100 square feet depending on variables. The Ultrasonic Transducer Sound Waves can reach up to 5000 square feet of space in a 120 degrees angle. The LED Light can cover more area at night time, depending on other sources of artificial light in the close proximity.

----- Used Places -----


As this unit is weather proof and detachable from its aluminum and steel pole, it is a versatile unit which can be used in a variety of ways either indoor or outdoor.

Places most of our clients have used our products are on the roof, vegetable garden, front and back yard, patio, windowsill, on trees, storage areas, attics, warehouses and in front of garages

----- Installation Setup -----


The unit is simple to set up, just follow our instruction manual step by step. You should be up and running in a matter of minutes.

----- Specifications -----

Model: Apesto Outdoor Edition

Battery: 6 x AAA Rechargeable Battery

Sound Pressure: 120 dB

Frequency Range: 10KHz ~ 25KHz

Dimensions: 7 x 5.5 x 4.7 inches

Weight: 0.95 lb


----- Package Includes -----


1 x Apesto Outdoor Edition

1 x Aluminum Pole

1 x Metal Spike

Trouble shooting

The battery on our device lasts indefinitely since it is solar charged. Since it is sunny where I live I am not sure how long it lasts, but unless you live somewhere that it rains on a daily basis would not be an issue.
The adaptor use is an AC/DC Adaptor Class 2, with specifications of INPUT: 120V ; AC 60Hz 0.2A. OUTPUT: 9V DC 600mA. A hardware store should be able to get you the adaptor that you need if you take the unit to them with this specification.
It depends on the "Sensitivity" setting. The lower the sensitivity set, the shorter the distance (or range). The higher the sensitivity, the further the range. I believe the max is 30+ feet. Could be more.

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