Apesto Auto Edition, Ultrasonic animal
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Apesto Auto Edition, Ultrasonic animal

Pest repeller. Compatible with cars & vehicle (12V & 24V) No Additional External Battery Needed.

----- Rodents V.S Cars -----


Rats! You can buy the most reliable cars on Earth and still find convoluted electrical gremlins, fluid leaks, and even outright failure when rodents take up residence and begin chewing on wiring, hoses, plastic, and other critical car parts. But we’ve found a deterrent for these four-legged terrorists.

Rodent-inflicted damage is an age-old problem that some observers say is increasing as automakers use more plant-based biodegradable materials to reduce waste. It turns out that rodents sharpening their teeth and feasting on cars is more prevalent than you might think.

Any place that people live, we will also find rodents. They exist in many varieties and all have one thing in common. Rodents love to gnaw. When a rodent turns their eye to our automobiles, the results are expensive and inconvenient.

----- A Big Problem -----

Auto repair shops often see the damage that rodents cause. Many times the damage results in vehicles with a check engine light on and often a no-start condition. Repairing rodent damage can be expensive, sometimes costing thousands of dollars. One of the common targets for rodents is automotive wiring.

Rodents will often seek shelter under the hood of a vehicle. This provides shelter, safe from the elements and larger predators. Unfortunately, chewing on wires is their natural behavior and often results in damage.  Prevention can be difficult and repeat damage is very common if we cannot convince the intruders to move on.

Some Consumer Reports staffers also have stories of small furry creatures chewing through power steering lines, filling engine intakes with acorns, and plugging up air-conditioning ducts with their nests.

----- Why do rodents get into our vehicles -----


Mice, rats and squirrels are all nesting rodents. With nesting rodents, a safe place to live is a high priority. These small creatures find the area under the hood of an automobile to be a great location. For them this area is easily accessible from under the vehicle, dark, warm and hidden.

Under the hood they find an abundance of material with which to build a nest. They often shred hood insulation and combine it with paper, leaves and other items they find. Vehicles that are not used every day are most inviting, but even our daily drivers are not immune. The problem is naturally worse in colder weather as food is less abundant and predators are searching harder for a meal.

----- Why do rodents eat an automobile's wires -----

Prevention is easier with an understanding of why rodents gnaw on our wires and other components. Contrary to the common belief they do not eat wiring for food. Instead, all rodents gnaw constantly to sharpen and keep the length of their teeth in check.


Unlike most mammals, a rodent’s teeth grow very rapidly throughout the life of the animal. A rat’s teeth can grow up to 2.8 mm in one week! In one year, the teeth grow almost five inches. Rodents gnaw things to wear the teeth down. If they do not wear away, soon they will outgrow the animal’s mouth.

The tooth of a rodent is a unique arrangement designed to stay razor-sharp. Very thick and hard enamel covers the front of the tooth. The rear of the tooth is softer dentin material. Dentin is similar to bone and wears much faster than the enamel on the front. This leaves a very sharp edge.


Experts rate a rat’s tooth enamel 5.5 on Moh’s hardness scale. Copper is a three and even iron rates as four. Cutting through a wiring harness is no challenge for such a hard tooth.

----- Spotting the signs of rodents -----

Prevention is best and vehicles driven less than daily are easy targets. Spotting the early-warning signs of a rodent may help prevent a costly repair. Any droppings under the hood of the vehicle, suggest activity. Pet food, leaves, twigs and other foreign materials, under the hood, are also signs that rodents may be present.

To help prevent rodents from attacking a vehicle, we must avoid parking under trees, around tall grass, wood piles and compose heaps.


Parking under a tree, for just a week, greatly contributed to the problem.  Rodents come from the tree and set up house under the vehicle.  While under this vehicle they eat through several critical components of the vehicle.


----- Folk stories -----


Folk remedies, like spreading hot-sauce under the hood are useless. Rodents have a large space in their mouths, from the front incisors to the rear molars. This space allows them to suck their cheeks in, blocking the mouth when they gnaw. Material being gnawed does not reach their tongue so is not likely that a bad taste will keep them from gnawing.


----- Advance Technology -----

Apesto Auto Edition car animal repeller uses a multiple combinations of advance technology to ensure that the best protection that goes into your vehicle. The main technology that is used to repel the rodents and animals is the ultrasonic transmitter that has 2 preset dB (sound) level settings to give you optimal protection.


The ultrasonic uses a technology called Auto-Switching, allowing the frequency to constantly change so that the animals and pest don't get use to the same sound being produced. Unlike other car animal repellers the Apesto Auto Edition chases animals and rodents near your vehicle and starts to repel them before they reach your car. It has a coverage area of a mid sized SUV vehicle.

Water & Heat Resistant Ultrasonic Wave Transducer


Our water resistant ultrasonic wave transducer packs enough power to effectively keep pests away from your cars engine where the heart and brains are of your car. The frequency of this specially tuned ultrasonic wave transducer has been purposefully lowered more than our traditional pest repellers (so it may sound louder to us as Humans). The reason for the lowering of the frequency is so that the ultrasonic can better bounce around in the bonnet of the car, this allows a more over all coverage inside the engine part of the car.

Rodents have different audible (hearing) frequency than humans, this means that rodents can hear a higher frequency than us humans. The ability to hear at higher frequency is a survival technique that the rodents have been able to develop for communication and mating purposes. They are able to communicated at such a high frequency in order for predators not to hear.

We used this to our advantage by using our powerful ultrasonic wave transducer to magnify and bombard both the frequency (pitch) and decibel (volume) to a level that rodents can't withstand and find intolerable. The ultrasonic sound disrupts the communication and unable to hear when predators are close by which will make your vehicle an unfavourable place for rodents to stay.


Having all the advancement of the frequency technology would not be enough without enough decibel (dB - Volume) to send out all those frequency pitches throughout the engine. The Apesto Auto Edition packs an incredibly unmatched proven and tested 103.2 dB ± 10 dB range of sound output. This is the equivalence to a Jet taking off, a jackhammer, a Boeing 707 or an helicopter.

The Apesto Auto Edition is specially equipped with ultrasonic wave transducer that can withstand the elements that it comes into contact with inside the car's bonnet. The unit is built with water and heat resistance to uphold the heat that the engine produces during long durations of driving.

Automatic Frequency Switching Function


Auto-Switching is an advance setting that we have programmed into the Apesto Auto Edition's integrated circuit (IC) chip to allow the random flow of frequency of the sound. This allows the rodents and small animals not get use to the sound as not dangerous, this constantly disturbs rodents and animals making it intolerable.

Low Power Consumption


The Apesto Auto Edition needs very little power, its power consumption is in the region of 5mA. To put the power consumption into perspective, if the Apesto Auto Edition is connected to a new 12V standard car battery it will be able to continuously operate for around 45 days (Without starting up the car). The battery will loose more electricity by idling that when connected to the Apesto Auto Edition. The power consumption is slightly less than what a car alarm system uses.

Low Voltage Protection


We as car owners have all experienced the hesitation and the inconvenience that comes when the car's battery is flat and cant start the engine. We here understand this frustration and this is why we have build a special Low Voltage Protection plan that can detect your cars batteries power level, as soon as it detects that the battery is at a certain voltage level, it will automatically shut down and stop drawing power from the battery in order for you to continue using the car for its primary use.

Positive and Negative Polarity Protection

Here we understand that not everyone is a mechanic and know how to connect devices to cars. The fear of working with a car batteries is present in a lot of us, this is why we have made the Apesto Auto Edition car pest repeller as safe to self install as possible. We have included a fuse to ensure protection to you, your car and the Apesto Auto Edition from being short circuited.

Should the Apesto Auto Edition be incorrectly connected, the fuse will prevent electricity to flow from the battery to the Apesto Auto car pest repeller and the device will not turn on. This way you can then switch the connectors to connect to the correct polarity and the Apesto Auto Edition pest repeller will start working automatically.

Should you still be uncertain on how to install the Apesto Auto Edition device, we suggest to find a mechanic or a certified person to install the product for you.

Automatic Switching ON & OFF of the Device

During our research into why and when rodent pests and small animals seek shelter in and around the car, we discovered that the rodents pests and small animals usually approach the car once the engine has been shut off.

This lead us to implement another program into our IC board and that is to have the Apesto Auto Edition pest repellent device automatically switch ON and OFF.


✅ When it detects the car has been switched on. The Apesto Auto Edition rodent / animal repeller will turn ON automatically when it detects the engine has been switched OFF.

✅ When it detects the car has been switched off. The Apesto Auto Edition rodent / animal repeller will turn OFF automatically when it detects the engine has been switched ON.

When the car engine is on rodents and small animals don't approach the car as there is a lot of noise within the engine part of the car and there are many vibration caused by the moving parts within the car's bonnet.

This takes the hassle of the user of the car having to remember and forget about either turning ON the device or switching it OFF manually. It also allows for better power conservation as you are not wasting unnecessary battery power when you don't need it.

12V and 24V Battery Compatible


Most car's and trucks operate with either a 12V battery or 24V battery. We have designed the Apesto Auto Edition to work with both voltages of batteries that are mostly found in standard cars and trucks. The auto-voltage detection function will automatically detect and recalibrate the device to accept the correct voltage from the 2 different types of batteries.

Build Material

Materials that are used in the construction of the Apesto Auto Edition is made with a special graded material that can withstand the heat and moisture produced by the cars engine. The shell is made from high quality electric non-conductivity and heat resistant property materials, this will ensure that the Apesto Auto Edition can endure the heat produced by the engine in the bonnet.

----- Coverage -----


The coverage area of the Apesto Auto Edition's pest / animal repeller is enough to cover a mid sized car or the engine of a truck.


----- Used Places -----


The Apesto Auto Edition rodent / small animal repeller is primary designed to be installed in a car or truck.

However, the Apesto Auto Edition can be used in areas such as warehouses, basements, storeroom, barns etc... where there is no AC plug available. As the Apesto Auto Edition makes use of the DC current electricity to operate from a 12V or 24V battery, it makes the Apesto Auto Edition a device that can be used where electricity from the grid cant reach.

----- Installation Setup -----

Apesto Auto is easy to install, below you will see a breakdown step by step on how to properly install your Apesto Auto Edition in your car, truck or other places.


Steps to installing the Apesto Auto Edition car pest and animal repeller into a car:

  1. Allow the car / truck's engine to cool down over night

  2. Open the cars bonnet

  3. Locate where the battery and engine is in the car

  4. Check if the battery is either 12V or 24V, if it is you can continue the installation process

  5. Once the battery voltage is confirmed that it is 12V or 24V, locate an area in the bonnet that has a flat surface that is the furthest away from the engine but is still reachable from the surface area to the battery via the supplied wire

  6. Secure the Apesto Auto to the surface and ensure it is firmly secure and not hanging or moving

  7. Slowly secure the cables from the Apesto Auto to the battery, zip tie the wires to other wires on the car that are running in the same direction. Ensure that there no loose hanging wires or will be able to come in contact with moving parts of the car

  8. Remove the connecters attached to the batteries. (Remove the Negative *BLACK* pole first then remove the Positive *RED* pole)

  9. Connect the Apesto Auto's Positive *RED* to the cars Positive *RED* connector

  10. Attach the cars Positive *RED* connector to the Positive *RED* of the battery

  11. Connect the Apesto Auto's Negative *BLACK* to the cars Negative *BLACK* connector

  12. Attach the cars Negative *BLACK* connector to the Negative *BLACK* of the battery

  13. Once connected the unit will start automatically

Adjust the frequency setting to your requirements (High or Low Frequency) with the switch

-----High & Low Frequency Switch -----


Our Ultrasonic Wave Transducer produces an auto-switching frequency (Hz - Pitch) range that is comprised of 2 switch settings (Low Frequency & High Frequency).


✅Low Frequency is compiled of the frequency wave lengths of 9 000 ~ 18 000 Hz

✅High Frequency is compiled of the frequency wave lengths of 15 000 ~ 24 000 Hz

----- Specification -----

Model: Apesto Auto Edition

Coverage: 1 Mid-Sized Vehicle

Frequency Range: 9 000 Hz ~ 24 000 Hz

Voltage: 12V & 24V DC Current (Battery)

Dimensions: 110 x 98 x 244 mm

Weight: 100gEPA: 074132-TWN-001

Made in Taiwan

----- Package Includes -----


1 x Apesto Auto Edition unit

1 x 1m Battery Connection Cable

1 x 3M Double Sided Tap

4 x Cable Tie

1 x Instruction Manual


Trouble shooting

We provide 4 zip tie cable and a double sided 3M Electronics sticker that you can stick to a flat surface (Like you see in the picture), you may also use the zip ties to tie them to an object in the car (preferably not to something that gets hot) or use both ways. We have tested the unit in a variety of vehicles and took the vehicles on long trips with different terrains, we found that the zip ties with a combination of the double sided 3M Electronic tape worked best. Should you have any other questions with regards to this product, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always here to assist.
At the loud setting it is very noticeable. I keep mine on low and can't hear it unless I'm right at the hood.
The Apesto Auto Edition has been fitted with a smartly programmed to turn ON the Ultrasonic Transducer when the car is switched ON & to turn OFF when the car is switched ON. It reacts oppositely to the cars power ON and OFF status. The reason for this is when the car is running rodents and small animals usually would not go near the vehicle, it is only when your car is switched off that rodents and animals start approaching the cars to seek for shelter. Hence we designed our unit to work only when the car needs the most protection (when the car is switched off). The battery consumption is in the range of an average car alarm system, we have designed Apesto Auto Edition to be as energy efficient as possible without sacrificing its primary function capability. We recommend that the car / vehicle be driven at least 3 - 4 days in a week if not more, as this will recharge your cars battery and allow not only the Apesto Auto Edition unit to continue to operate but allow all the other electrical systems in your car to continue to operate as normal too. To give you more technical insight the Apesto Auto Edition uses around ±50mA of power per hour. Cars / vehicles usually don't have direct entrances from the engine department to the inside of the car, my best recommendation to keep mice out of the passenger compartment is to locate where in the car the mice are getting in and to seal that entrance and exit first. Our device will be able to assist you in repelling the mice away from your engine compartment. It is also important to note that you should not leave food, rubble and trash laying in and around your car as this will attract more rodents as the incentive is very great for the rodents to nest near by.
We live on a ranch and have been having a lot of trouble with pack rats in the engine. Got some of these bc nothing else has worked. Been using it for several months and seems to be doing the job. No more nests. My dogs don't seem to like it but it doesn't hurt them.
If you read the web site, they say it will shut itself off if battery voltage drops below a certain point so it will not kill your battery. It uses very little power.
I don't have issues when transporting my dogs it doesn't seem to bother them.

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