Patented Technology Pest Repellent Solution
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Patented Technology Pest Repellent Solution

Repels Mice, Rats, Roaches, Spiders, & Other Insects - Home Pest Control Solution


----- Rodent Nature -----


✅ Destroy crops and agriculture

✅ Destroy furniture and electronics

✅ Spread harmful diseases

✅ Contaminate foods and surfaces

✅ Attack pets


----- Traditional Ways of Getting Rid of Rodents -----


✅ Rodent Traps and Cages

✅ Rodent Poison

✅ Glue Boards

----- Advantages of Apesto Black Edition -----



Don't harm the environment

Safe to be used around children and pets

It doesn't use consumable products that must be replaced constantly

No disposal of the rodents after they are captured or dead

Don't have a bad smell after they are dead and can’t be found


----- Next Generation Advance Technology-----

GrLight Technology (Patented Technology)

The Apesto Black Edition is the only brand licensed and hold the only patent for incorporating GrLight Technology into our pest repellers. We use a specially tuned light spectrum that confuses the rodents by visually stimulating the retina of nocturnal pests.




The GrLight is completely harmless to humans & common pets such as dogs and cats, the GrLight can also double as a night light too.


Rodent activities depends heavy on the time of day it is currently, meaning that at different times of the day, rodents will be either more active or less active. Since rodents such as mice and rats are nocturnal pests (more active at night). With the GrLight we target this weakness of the rodents.


Rodent's retina (eye) is different from humans in that they can see in light spectrums that we as humans cant see and vise versa. Our pest repelling GrLight Technology uses a specially developed light spectrum and frequency to not only irritate but also confuse the rodents on the time of day it is currently. Making them not able to tell when it is night time. With rodents unable to determine the time of day it is in the protected area, they are unlikely to expose themselves in fear of being detected by predators.


With rodents unable to determine the time of day it is in the protected area, they are unlikely to expose themselves in fear of being detected by predators.


Powerful Ultrasonic Wave Transducer


Our Transducer delivers powerful ultrasonic frequencies covering up to 150 m2 (1 600 ft2). The Ultrasonic Wave Transducer produces bombarding sound elements at a fluctuating frequency that is inaudible to humans but is highly disorientating for pests. The ultrasonic wave is powerful enough to bounce off hard reflective surface objects to provide the ultimate over all protection.


Rodents have different audible (hearing) frequency than humans, this means that rodents can hear a higher frequency than us humans. The ability to hear at higher frequency is a survival technique that the rodents have been able to develop for communication and mating purposes. They are able to communicated at such a high frequency in order for predators not to hear.


We used this to our advantage by using our powerful ultrasonic wave transducer to magnify and bombard both the frequency (pitch) and decibel (volume) to a level that rodents can't withstand and find intolerable. The ultrasonic sound disrupts the communication and mating process calls which will make you home an unfavourable place for rodents to stay.


Frequency & Decibel

Our Ultrasonic Wave Transducer produces an auto-switching frequency range that covers the range of between 20 000 Hz ~ 32 000 Hz, which is the perfect frequency range for repelling the rodents.


Producing not only a wide range of different pitches of sound waves, the dB of our pest repellers are also unmatched, at tested and proven 117.3 dB ± 10dB range of volume blast to give you the best protection we can offer. Our transducer is so powerful you can physically see the sound pressure coming out from our transducer with a light flame held in-front of the device.


Electro-Magnetic Vibration Wave

Our Electro-Magnetic Vibration Wave Technology converts the electric frequency that travels throughout the wiring of your home into a pulsating vibration that irritates the nervous systems of pests and insects living inside your walls and cracks.


The micro pulsation taps into the nervous systems of the pests and insects and is completely safe for your family, pets and your electronics.

The pulsation turns on and off every few seconds. Which makes it next to impossible for pests and insects to build up a tolerance to the irritating environment that you have introduced and drives them out.

Rodents have a keen sense when it comes to movements, even the slightest movements in areas they are use to not having movement will draw the rodents to be aware of that specific area and keep away.

Our unit piggybacks on your walls electrical wiring connection to send micro vibrations that is harmless to your electrical wiring and appliances. Driving rodents and insects that have been living within your walls out. This creates a net like effect that travels throughout your home, even providing protection from future invaders.


----- Coverage -----


The Apesto Black Edition is a forward facing device with a 150 m2 (1 600 ft2) coverage. While using 1 device is normally enough to cover a medium sized room we always suggest using more than one device in one room, as the ultrasonic wave produced from the transducer is still in the sound wave spectrum the ultrasonic wave could be blocked by solid objects in-front of it such as furniture, walls and appliances.

Here is an example of how we suggest you instal our Apesto Black Edition pest repeller:


(U.S.A Patent Number: 9027513)

Depending on the size of the room and how bad the infestation, under normal circumstances we always suggest using 2 or more units of the Apest Black Edition to provide extra coverage in areas with mediums that the sound might not pass through such as walls and furnitures.


----- Used Places -----


The Apesto Black Edition is very versatile and can be used in places such as in your home, restaurants, warehouses, storerooms etc...

The unit is safe to use around your family and common pets such as dogs and cats. This unit can be place in areas of your home such as the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, garages, attic and basements.

----- Installation Setup -----


Apesto Black Edition is very simple to setup. Simply take the unit out of the box and plug it into an outlet facing in the direction that you would like to protect.


Note: Although most of our clients see results within 2 - 3 weeks we always highly recommend our clients to give it around 4 - 8 weeks to get the best results. When the device is plugged in initially, you may observe there are more insect activity than normal. This is normal as rodents and insects are disturbed and confused, they will start looking for a way out of the protected area.



The indication lights signal that the unit is fully active and is working at optimal level. The built-in photoresistor (CDS) sensor is able to detect the presence of light and will automatically switch on and off the GrLight accordingly.



The Apesto Black Edition pest repeller gives you the option of choosing how you would like your GrLight setting to be. It gives you 3 options of permanently ON, OFF and Sensor Mode.


----- Specifications -----

Model: Apesto Black Edition

Voltage: AC 110V / 60 Hz

Power Consumption: 0.5W

Frequency: 20 000 Hz ~ 32 000 Hz

Coverage: 150 m2(1 600 ft2)

Dimension: 110 x 70 x 50 mm (4.33 x 2.75 x 1.97 inch)

Weight: 240 g (8.47 oz)

USA EPA Number: 074132-TWN-001

Patent Number: 9027513

Made In Taiwan


----- Package Includes -----


1 x Apest Black Edition unit


1 x Instruction Manual


Ants, roaches, mice and rats. Squirrels and bats, as well, if they are inside the walls.
Although some customers have reported success with these pests, results have varied with spiders, bees, mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects.
The Apesto Black Edition is not designed to kill anything else. The Apesto Black Edition simply repels insects and rodents, but does not kill them. This is beneficial because you don't have to deal with removing any dead pests from the inside rooms or walls of your home. The pests are humanely and safely repelled back outside.


The Apesto Black Edition is 100% maintenance free. As soon as you plug the device into your wall, it goes to work for you! There are two indication lights on the front of the unit that show you each of the technologies that are running in the background. The Apesto Black Edition activates its powerful ultrasonic wave and electromagnetic vibration wave automatically. You only need to set the GrLight function to either be constantly ON, SENSOR detection or completely OFF. Just plug it in and go about your daily life!
In a large open area (without inside dividing walls), the Apesto Black Edition will cover up to 150 m2 (1 600 ft2). For example, one unit should cover a large open attic, open basement, or open kitchen/living room area.
Although the Apesto Black Edition uses Electro-Magnetic Vibration Wave Technology inside the walls of your home and the powerful high-pitched Ultrasonic sound that fills the inside of the room, these technology cannot pass through walls. This is why we recommend at least two to three units per floor of your home for best results. Units can be placed in different areas of your home, depending on your home's floor plan and where the pests are a problem. By using multiple, strategically-placed units throughout your home or office, you effectively distribute the Ultrasonic pest repelling sound throughout the room of your home / area. This will also optimizes your overall Electronic Pest Control. Although the Electromagnetic feature will travel throughout your home wiring with the use of one unit, it has been our experience that using more than one unit simultaneously presents the greatest results. One unit is better than no units, but multiple units will yield more powerful results than one unit alone.
The Orange light shows you the Electro-Magnetic Vibration Wave Technology is sending micro bursts of vibrations through your homes / buildings wiring.
The Green light blinks when the Ultrasonic sound is emitted. The Ultrasonic and Electro-Vibrawave technologies are used at random pulses to constantly startle the pests and prevent them from getting used to these micro vibrations.
The sounds emitted from the Apesto Black Edition are normally above the normal adult human hearing range, although some people can hear a very faint beeping sound but its virtually undetectable.
The Apesto Black Edition pest repeller uses 0.5 W of electricity per hour; this is less than your everyday light bulb! Our pest repellers are designed to be economic and energy-friendly. The cost will be around $0.17 dollars to operate per month.
Although many customers report results within a few days, we recommend you give the Apesto Black Edition pest repellent 2-4 weeks to completely eradicate your pests. Results can vary depending on the type of pests, location, and degree of infestation. Note: Be aware that under some situations of extreme drought or other adverse conditions, the pressure on any creature becomes so great that survival overrules any deterrent.
The Apesto Black Edition activates and starts repelling as soon as its plugged into the wall. The on/off/sensor switch on the side of the unit is to control the next generation GrLight technology feature. The sensor mode will cause the light to come on in the dark, and turn off in the light. We suggest to have the GrLight function to be on sensor setting.
The Apesto Black Edition is currently only available in 110V for the United States of America. We will be expanding and developing 220V & 240V in the near future for the rest of the world.


The Apesto Black Edition is designed for indoor use. The powerful ultrasonic sound waves emitted from the Apesto Black Edition will utilize the inside walls of your home to bounce around and fill the room with pest repelling sound. The height at which the Apesto Black Edition is plugged in does not really matter, as long as the Apesto Black Edition is plugged into an open area with nothing blocking the front. For best results do not plug the Apesto Black Edition behind any large furniture that will block its speakers, such as couches, bookshelves, stoves, refrigerators, etc. Many types of pests are attracted to areas with food smells and water, so a common recommendation would be to place an Apesto Black Edition pest repeller in your kitchen and bathroom. Always place a unit in the room(s) with the worst pest problem.
The Apesto Black Edition is designed with safety in mind and as first priority. The Apesto Black Edition will not cause any harm to your children. We have and reports that some children can hear the ultrasonic sound waves, this is due to the fact that they have better hearing than most adults. They will usually get use to it within a day or two as its not that noticeable.
Although the Apesto Black Edition is safe to use around most house pets, we recommend closely monitoring your pet's behavior for the first 48 hours while using the Apesto Black Edition.
• Cats/Dogs While rare, it is possible that some cats and dogs may hear the sounds produced by the Apesto Black Edition.
• Birds vary so much in size, breed and behavior, to be safe, we recommend not using the Apesto Black Edition in the same room as your bird, or near the birds cage. Some customers have reported their birds seem bothered by the ultrasound; other customers tell us their birds seem just fine.
• Fish will not be affected by the Apesto Black Edition.
• Reptiles have much lower hearing ranges than mammals (I.e. people, dogs, cats, and rodents), so they will not be affected by the Apesto Black Edition. This also means that the Apesto Black Edition cannot be used to repel reptile pests. Rodent Pets Rodent Pets include Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Ferrets, Hamsters, Mice, Gerbils, Rats, Degus, Prairie Dogs, and Sugar Gliders. Since the Apesto Black Edition uses ultrasonic sound designed to repel rodents, your rodent pets will be bothered by this unit. But, since ultrasound does not go through walls, rodent pets can be kept safely in a bedroom (or another room) behind a closed door. Your pet will also be safe if the Apesto Black Edition pest repeller is used on the other side of the home, or on a different floor of your home, or if the pet is outdoors and the Apesto Black Edition repeller used is indoors.
The Apesto Black Edition is designed to be safe for use around common household electronics such as stereos, TVs, computers, and kitchen appliances.

Trouble shooting

We suggest to have it plugged in the attic facing an open area so the ultrasonic sound can work best. If you have any other questions please let us know.
This is an indoor product, it is not built to withstand the outdoor weather conditions. Thank you for your question though.

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