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  • 3K6-1

    Apesto CleanWave Portable Sanitizing Travel Wand

    Sterilization Theory and Methods of UV light
    UV makes damage of the nucleic acid, DNA and ribonucleic acid (RNA) of microorganisms.

  • 13d-01-2

    Apesto Portable Edition, Electronic Dog Repellent

    Powerful Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent and Bark Stopper + Dog Trainer Device + Built in Alarm sound system + Trainer with LED Flashlight

    PROTECT YOURSELF – The Apesto Portable Electronic Dog Repellent emits an ultrasonic high-pitched sound that is inaudible to the human ear but highly irritating to dogs and other small animals. Effectively stops barking and distracting dogs from a safe distance.

  • UP16F-6

    Solar Power Ultrasonic Animal & Pest Repeller with Flashing LED lights

    Outdoor/Indoor Electronic Deer, Pest, Rodent & Animal Ultrasonic Repeller - Motion Activated with [ Rechargeable Solar Powered Feature ]

    The Apesto Solar Animal Repeller projects multiple waves of powerful ultrasonic sounds and strong bright flashing LED strobe lights to scare away a wide variety of animal pests. Equipped with a PIR motion sensor, the pest repeller is automatically activated as soon as a pest animal is detected in order to conserve battery.